The Big River Steampunk Spring Faire will have a dedicated "Dueling Ring" and time will be set aside throughout the day for certain types of duels. However, guests may also, at any time, challenge someone to a duel of their choice using the Dueling Ring. Maybe you'll challenge someone to a duel for a prized, hard-to-find ribbon, or for the honor of having a cup 'o tea with a special lady -- the possibilities are endless and the outcomes will be a lot of fun! Here are some of the duels in which you may wish to participate:


An arranged engagement in combat between two individuals, with matched weapons, in accordance with agreed-upon rules. The duel is based on a code of honor, not so much to kill the opponent, but to gain “satisfaction”, that is, to restore one’s honor by demonstrating a willingness to risk one’s life. Fortunately, Big River duels are not literally “To the Death” but are still very serious business!

wand Dueling

New for 2019!


Even Muggles can enjoy an "enchanted" duel using "magic" wands! Just like in the movies, and similar to Rock-Paper-Scissors, a swish of the wand and exclaiming the winning "spell" can make you a champion! Special training sessions will be held at the Steampunk Spring Faire to teach young and old alike the art of Wand Dueling. No Muggles or Wizards will be harmed in our family-friendly recreation of this "charming" art.


TEA Dueling

Tea dueling is the art of gracefully dunking a tea biscuit (known as a cookie in the United States) into a “Cup of Brown Joy”, soaking it for five seconds, and then lifting it into one’s mouth for a clean “Nom” (as in nom-nom-nom...!) -- all without dripping tea, losing biscuit fragments into the tea or on the table, and doing so after your fellow duelist.


With your host Dr. Phineas T. Kastle


Photo by Kevin Jaquet

Parasol Dueling

A raucous battle of wits, in the same genre as Rock-Paper-Scissors, this no-contact contest requires patience, strategy, and just a teensy bit of skill. Those who participate will learn the art of the “Plant”, the “Snub”, and the “Twirl” in an effort to outfox their opponents. Full instructions will be given and numerous rounds will be held until one supreme parasol-welding champion is crowned!



Photo by Brandy Jaquet

NERF Dueling

In a recreation of a 19th century duel, contestants will use specially-designed Steampunk weapons repurposed from Nerf guns. The soft darts will render contestants eliminated yet in no way harmed. For each duel, two duelists will stand back-to-back using the specially-crafted pistols. At the drop of a ladies handkerchief, they will advance seven paces, turn, and shoot. If an opponent is hit by a dart, he or she is eliminated. If both are hit, or if both miss, a rematch will commence.


With your hosts RUST L.A.R.P.


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