Included in your Two-Day Pass are delightful seminars, demonstrations and panel discussions to further your knowledge of Steampunk! Learn everything from the history of steam-driven engines to costume design to writing in the Steampunk genre -- there's something for everyone! In addition, there are also four Make-N-Takes/Classes that require a small fee. Most of the following events are held on both Saturday and Sunday so you'll get a chance to enjoy all the Faire has to offer over the course of a very full two day schedule!

PLEASE NOTE: Because of space issues at
Mark Twain Brewing Company, all of these Seminars and Make-N-Takes will be held at Finn's Food & Spirits, 214 North Main Street, just two blocks down from the Brewing Company.

What's Up, Doc Phineas?

10:30 am Saturday and Sunday

Seminar Room, 30 minutes

You’ve seen him on “Pawn Stars”, meet him in person at Big River! Billed as “The inimitable Renaissance Man”, Doc is a veteran film, stage and TV personality, dancer, singer, college professor, occultist, champion tea dueler – a multi-layered entertainer popular throughout the Steampunk culture. Recently, Doc starred in Stephen King's new movie "Mute", made television guest appearances on "Jay Leno's Garage", "Mysteries of the Museum", "Haunted Hotels" and of course his recurring role as the antiquities expert featured on "Pawn Stars". He's also been performing on the Las Vegas strip as the Mad Hatter Red King in "Steampunk Alice".  Don't miss this special Q&A session with the incomparable Doc Phineas!

Mini Top Hat Make-N-Take

$15.00 Fee Per Person

Saturday, 10:00am and 3:30pm

Sunday, 10:30am

Maker's Room, 60-90 minutes

$15 FEE PER PERSON -- YOU WILL LEAVE WITH A FINISHED HAT! Join Steam and Gears from Broken Arrow, OK in this hands-on workshop where you'll learn how to make your very own, one-of-a-kind Steampunk Mini Top Hat! All materials, supplies and tools will be provided. Class length between 60 and 90 minutes, you work at your own pace. Class size is limited to 15 people per session!

Nerf Gun Repurposing

FREE Demonstration

$10 to repurpose your own Nerf Gun

$20 to purchase and repurpose Nerf Gun

Sunday, 10:00am

Maker's Room, 30 minute Demonstration

Outdoors, 60 minute Repurposing Workshop

Join Dale Griffits from RUST L.A.R.P., Galesburg, IL and learn the art of Nerf Gun Repurposing! The free demonstration will be held first, then for those who wish to proceed with actual hands-on repurposing there will be a workshop held outside (painting is involved!). You may bring your own Nerf Gun to re-do and pay just $10 for paint and materials, or Dale will have a selection of Nerf Guns on hand that you can purchase and repurpose for just $20. Then, at HIGH NOON, join Dale for the Nerf Dueling competition held in the Dueling Arena!

Join Magister Aloysius VonDiesel as he takes you on a tour of the application of steam to move people and products from here to there in record time! In his second discussion, VonDiesel shares with you the mysteries of steam power and how it was harnessed to do man-kinds bidding all the way back to the Roman Empire!

History of Steam on Road, Rail and Wave

Saturday and Sunday, 11:00am

Seminar Room, 60 minutes


Mysteries of Steam Power

Saturday and Sunday, 12:00 noon

Seminar Room, 60 minutes


Airship Iron Rose, docked at home in Oklahoma, is currently under renovation. No fear, Steampunk friends, for the crew has disassembled pieces of the Pirate Airship and are bringing them to the Big River Steampunk Spring Faire for show and tell! Learn how to create great gadgetry and get pointers on where to find materials and what to use to hold them altogether. Then, on Sunday, be sure to register to participate in our "Chopped" Tournament and create your own gadget from our pile of junk!

Steampunk Gadgetry

Saturday and Sunday, 1:00pm

Seminar Room, 30 minutes

Photo by Michael Bailey

Photo courtesy Douglas Menke

Steampunk and Fantasy author Dana Fraedrich from Nashville, Tennessee will speak on the life of an indie author writing in the Steampunk realm. Whether you write a blog, are self-published or just write for fun, you will gain valuable insight into the world of fictional writing!

Indie Writing in the Steampunk Realm

Saturday and Sunday, 1:30pm

Seminar Room, 30 minutes

Photo courtesy Dana Fraedrich

Steampunk Jewelry Make-N-Take

$20.00 Fee Per Person

Saturday, 12:30pm and 2:00pm

Sunday, 1:00pm and 2:30pm

Maker's Room, 60-90 minutes

$20 FEE PER PERSON -- YOU WILL LEAVE WITH A FINISHED PIECE OF JEWELRY! Blaine Kemp from Steam Pop Creations, Springfield, IL will lead you through the ins and outs of making jewelry, techniques that can be used for necklaces, rings, bracelets, hair accessories, and more! All materials, supplies and tools will be provided. Workshop runs 60 to 90 minutes as each participant may work at their own pace. Limited to 20 people per session. Make a special, one-of-a-kind souvenir that you'll always remember was part of the Big River Steampunk Spring Faire!

Victorian Desktop Publishing

Saturday and Sunday, 12:00 noon

Main Room, 45 minutes

The first commercially successful "desktop publishing" device was introduced in 1874—the manual typewriter. Today the typewriter is enjoying a bit of a renaissance in an increasingly wired world. Writers are even gathering for events known as "type-ins" in order to experience a more tactile, distraction-free method of composition. In this presentation, Elaine Spencer of Monroe St. Press will discuss the history of the typewriter and give participants an opportunity to try out some writing exercises on vintage typewriters. All participants are encouraged to bring their own typewriters (there may be extra machines available for use if you do not own one of your own).

Bring your own and join

in the Type-In!

Burlesque Basics Movement Class

$20.00 Fee Per Person, bring a pair of heels

 (a pair with ankle support helps!)

Saturday, 11:30am

Sunday, 12:00 noon

Maker's Room, 60 minutes

A  crash course/drills class focusing on some of the core movements found in burlesque, including full body undulations, controlled chest shimmies, hip articulations (bumps and grinds), spins and across-the-floor dance basics. In addition, students will learn skills that can be applied outside of burlesque, like tricks for walking confidently in heels, to manipulate the lines of your body to look better in pictures, and postural advice so you carry yourself throughout your life with poise and confidence. Taught by professional dancer and our favorite diva, Eva La Feva from Chicago, Illinois!

Photo by Hannah Dunsirn

Dressed For Steam

Saturday and Sunday, 2:00pm

Seminar Room, 60 minutes

Dressed For Steam, your place for inspiration, tips and tricks on upcycle costuming. From thrift store finds to the attic trunk, hidden fashion is all around. Learn how to use old clothes, linens and scrap fabric to create your perfect Steampunk look! Brought to you by Sabrina Pullen and Krista Rae Carver from Gateway Steampunk Guild, St. Louis, MO


Explore the exciting world of steampunk leather work. You will learn how to choose the proper leather for the project. Gain a basic knowledge of the tools and techniques to needed to get started on your fantasful projects! Demonstration led by David Rose, Gateway Steampunk Guild, St. Louis, MO

Steampunk Leatherworking

Saturday and Sunday, 3:00pm

Seminar Room, 60 minutes

Join lifelong silent film fan, slapstick buff, and professional onstage silent film performer Sammy Tramp to chat about silent movies. We'll focus on the early knock about comedies, pre 1920's. From Mack Sennett and the Keystone Cops to Chaplin, Arbuckle, and Keaton, we'll explore how these primitive rough one reelers paved the way for refined filmmaking and how it lead us to all the modern day pop culture we've grown to know and love.

Talking Silents with Sammy Tramp

Saturday and Sunday, 4:00pm

Seminar Room, 30 minutes

Sena and Haley's Costume Exhibit

Saturday, 3:00pm

Sunday, 2:00pm

At The Exhibit, 30 minutes

Hannibal's own Sena Carroz and Haley Allensworth discuss their amazing, over-the-top fantasy costumes in this Featured Exhibit at the Big River Steampunk Spring Faire. Learn how the sisters' handmade costumes and accessories are designed, created, worn and stored. Winners of numerous costume contests in wide-ranging genres, from Comic Cons, Steampunk, Fantasy and more, you'll enjoy hearing from these two self-proclaimed "amateur" costume designers who make the professionals jealous!

Working with Copper

Saturday and Sunday, 4:30pm

Seminar Room, 30 minutes

Rachel Bearce of Rachel's Copper Creations will demonstrate how to manipulate sheets of copper into beautiful roses, techniques that can be applied to a variety of Steampunk accessories. Rachel will be roaming throughout the Big River Steampunk Spring Faire as a flower girl selling her creations, be sure to visit with her and see her handmade wares!

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