The Neo-vintage Academy Atlas & Guide: a Map and list of venues


The Big River Steampunk Festival includes unique events

that are held throughout historic downtown Hannibal!


While a majority of the events at the Big River Steampunk Festival are free, there are various Premium Events that do require you to purchase a ticket for admission. Events, entertainment, and other goings-on will flow through the following venues….


Main Street Stage and Airship Village

Free entertainment will be provided throughout the weekend on the Main Street Stage. Enjoy a cold beverage and delicious food as you enjoy the open air show on pedestrian-only historic Main Street among authentically historic buildings from the 1840s. Also on Main Street, enjoy the Costume Contests, Full Immersion Cosplay, Ballroom Dancing, and other exciting contests and events. Airship Village is 'home' to the Gateway Steampunk and Iron Rose airships, as well as a gathering space for other airships from around the country. Look for airship challenges and compeitions, along with a few demonstrations and talks....


The Great Midway and Joy Pavilion

Located off North Main on Hill Street near the riverfront, here you will find over 50 vendors from around the country selling their steampunk wares. Be sure to visit the The Joy Pavilion, where you may enjoy free entertainment, participate in a duel or live-action role play  -- enjoy the great outdoors along the western shore of the Mississippi River.


Mark Twain Brewing Company (for Premium Events)

The Great Room upstairs at the Mark Twain Brewing Company (422 N. Main), just north of the Great Midway and Joy Pavilion, hosts the Jeckyl & Hijinx shows, the Saturday Mystic Tea, and the Sunday Fairypunk Tea as a major sponsor of the Big River Steampunk Festival.


The Academy (at Finn's Food & Spirits)

Finn's, located behind the Main Street Stage at 214 N. Main, houses The Academy -- a smorgasboard of seminars, demonstrations, and talks designed to enlighten, enthrall, and engage your mind!  Finn's is also a major sponsor of the festival.


Gaming Central Command (at Java Jive)

Partake in more intellectual stimulation through our open gaming sessions at Java Jive (211-213 N. Main), a cherished major sponsor of the festival! St. Louis' own Fantasy Shop provides a wide selection of choices for play - and purchase!  Brass Engine Games will also be holding play tournaments on Saturday and Sunday based on their Kickstarter-funded, steampunk-based strategy card game.


The Creative Exchange (at the Hannibal History Museum)

Receive hands-on experience in arts and crafts through one of our 'Make-and-Take' seminars at the museum (200 N. Main). For a small fee to cover materials, you can add a unique steampunk creation to your wardrobe or gadget collection!


Costuming First-Aid Center at Bits & Pieces

At 221 N. Main, Bits & Pieces will help hold you together - literally - with their array of sewing and repair supplies. Bits and Pieces is also a major sponsor of the festival.


The Historic Star Theater (Premium Event Venue)

Located at 215 S. Main, the historic 1905 live theater venue creates a lively atmosphere for the Crimson Ball & Fashion Show Explosion, as well as for the Sensory Overload Burley-Q and Time-Travelling Burlesque shows.


Tanyard Gardens Ampitheater (Premium Event Venue)

A brand-new venue, Tanyard Gardens (on Lyon Street, west of S. Main) is hosting the Twilight Elemental Circus on Sunday night. Thank you to the Hannibal Jaycees for joining the steampunk family!


The Mark Twain Riverboat (Premium Event Venue)

Docked on the riverfront north of the Mark Twain Brewing Company, the riverboat will be setting course for the Scoundrels & Shysters Cruise and The Van Helsing Cruise on Saturday and Sunday nights.


Bluff City Theater (Premium Event and Seminar Venue - Saturday Only)

Become mesmerized by The Mentalist premium event or attend a panel at this cozy 90-seat venue located at 212 Broadway, just west of N. Main Street at the south end of the festival.


Other Major Sponsors to Visit: Native American Trading Company, Chocolaterie Stam, Ava Goldworks, Rags to Riches, Old Planters Restaurant, Wine Stoppe, and Big Muddy Bar-B-Que....


Maps will also be provided in our FREE Festival Guide; in addition, signs will be posted throughout the Festival grounds to help you find your way.


And finally, be sure to frequent the other wonderful shops, restaurants, watering holes and museums in historic downtown Hannibal – many have sponsored the Big River Steampunk Festival and all will be open throughout the festival weekend. Please thank them for their support!


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This Year's Festival Is Dedicated to "Joy", who is having her own tea party in the sky....

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