Premium Events by Date and Time:

(Descriptions Further Below)



Friday, August 30th


3rd Annual Meeting of the Society for Fermented Alchemy, 7:00pm-9:30pm


Saturday, August 31st


The Mentalist (with Dr. Judas), 1:00pm - 2:00pm

Mystic Tea, 2:00pm - 3:15pm

Jeckyl and Hijinx - An Interactive Comedic Experiment, 4:00pm - 5:00pm

The Mentalist (with Dr. Judas), 5:00pm - 6:00pm

Pre-Crimson Ball Dinner at The Star Theater, 5:30pm - 6:15pm

The Crimson Ball and Fashion Explosion (w/Sweetie & the Toothaches), 6:00pm - 8:40pm

Scoundrels and Shysters Cruise, 9:00pm - 10:30pm

Sensory Overload Burley-Q, 11:00pm - 12:30am


Sunday, September 1st


Fairypunk Tea, 2:00pm - 3:30pm

Jeckyl and Hijinx - An Interactive Comedic Experiment, 4:00pm - 5:00

Twilight Elemental Circus feat. Valor-Thieves of Flight , 6:15pm - 8:45pm

Van Helsing Riverboat Cruise w/the Ragged Blade Band, 9:00pm - 10:30pm

Time-Travelling Burlesque, 11:00pm - 12:30am


Monday, September 2nd


Brunchtopia Summit, 10am-11:30am

Architectural Homes Tour, noon-3pm



All times approximate!!!


The Crimson Ball &

Fashion Show Explosion!

(w/ Sweetie & the Toothaches)

Saturday, Aug. 31st, 6pm


Crimson - a color evoking heat, action, and passion that captures the mix of neo-vintage/dieselpunk-era music and the best of steampunk fashion at The Crimson Ball and Fashion Explosion!


St. Louis’ Premier Jump Blues Band, Sweetie & The Toothaches will have you stomping your feet and shaking your hips when you hear powerhouse vocalist and band leader Emilie “Sweetie” Richard belt out tunes such as “Farewell Blues” and “Bigger Fool” alongside her phenomenal Toothaches. Be prepared to sink your teeth into fresh baked rhythms, sweet & spicy harmonies and lip smackin’ solos. There’s no doubt they’ll leave you with a permanent sweet tooth! Come early, and receive a quick dance tutorial before the action begins....


If that were not enough to send your pulse racing, watch as the fashions of yesterday's future take center stage in the Fashion Explosion show - courtesy of the Big River Steampunk Festival's impressive lineup of costuming vendors and 'makers'.  We may even have a surprise performance or two!



Saturday, August 31st

Doors open for Dinner at 5:30pm

Doors open for Show Ticket Holders at 6:00pm

Swing Dance Remedial begins at 6:10pm

Ball begins at approx. 6:30pm

At The Star Theater, 215 S. Main St.


$25.00 per person for Pre-Show Dinner

$20.00 per person for The Crimson Ball

Twilight Elemental Circus!

feat. Voler - Thieves of Flight

Sunday, Sept. 1st, 7pm


Behold as these skilled performers master the powers of the four elements! See acrobatic feats of defying gravity! Marvel at the taming of the flames! Carly, Allison, Violet, and leader Moxie Dynamite create an aerial ballet, with additional performances so daring, you would swear they were playing with fire.


Sunday, Sept. 1st

Doors open for Show Ticket Holders at 6:30pm

Performance begins at approx. 7:00pm

At Tanyard Gardens Ampitheatre, 220 Lyon St., west of S. Main St.


$17.00 for Twilight Elemental Circus (feat. Thieves of Flight)


The Third Annual Meeting of the

Society for Fermented Alchemy

At Sawyer's Creek

Friday, August 30th, 7pm-9:30pm


Hob-nob with entertainers and fellow Steampunkers who have gathered in Hannibal from around the globe. Here's your chance! Enjoy wine and beer tastings, and a complimentary souvenir glass will be offered for the ultimate in Meet & Greet parties.


 --Live music from the Midnight Wanderers!

-- Take part in a "Choose Your Own Adventure" ice-breaking game!

-- Experience a round of Steampunk Mini-Golf for an additional $5!

-- Sip from a deck overlooking the river!

(Food will also be available at the event)


 The perfect way to begin the festivities of the Big River Steampunk Festival weekend!


Friday, August 30th

Gate opens at 6:45pm

At Sawyer's Creek, Hwy 79 (1.5 miles south of Downtown)


$15.00 per person includes limited

edition souvenir vessel

Mark Twain Riverboat

Scoundrels and Shysters Cruise

Feat. Thomas Bedlam

& The Ragged Blade Band


Aboard the Mark Twain Riverboat



You can't spell 'confidence' without 'con,' and Mr. Bedlam has plenty to spare! His sleight of hand and deceptive antics are entertaining - as long as your pockets don't feel lighter by the end of the cruise. Listen to the early jazz, blues, and pop stylings of the Ragged Blade Band as you enjoy the 90 minute moonlight cruise on the Mississippi River, either in the Victorian dance saloon or on your choice of the outside open air decks.



Saturday, August 31st

Boarding begins at 8:45pm, cruise departs at 9:00pm

Board the Mark Twain Riverboat on the Levee at the foot of Hill Street


$28.00 per person

Van Helsing Riverboat Cruise

Featuring The Ragged Blade Band

Aboard the Mark Twain Riverboat


As if the adventure of the river weren't enough, add to that a cosplay mystery involving those creatures that thrive in the night!  Solve riddles with the famous victorian vampire hunter, and swing the night away on this 90 minute moonlight cruise aboard the Mark Twain Riverboat. Step outside onto one of the open-air decks and experience the majesty of cruising up the mighty Mississippi River under the stars. The Mark Twain is a replica of the old steamboats with decorative smokestacks, two levels of open-air decks, an enclosed indoor Victorian Ballroom featuring a gaslight bar, and an authentic, steam-powered calliope to sing you a tune!

Sunday, Sept. 1st

Boarding begins at 8:45pm

Cruise departs at 9:00pm

Board the Mark Twain Riverboat on the Levee at the foot of Hill Street


$28.00 per person

The Ragged Blade Band

Mystic Tea (divination)


Divination, tarot reading, scrying - all the ways humans have attempted to look into the future will be the subject of this afternoon tea, hosted by Doc Phineus and an array of specialists in the field of prediction. Let your fortune be revealed in tea leaves, and take home your very own gypsy fortune telling deck. Specialty hot teas and light hors d'oeuvres will be served.


Saturday, August 31st


Mark Twain Brewing Co.

422 N. Main St. (upstairs)


$20.00 per person

FairyPunk Tea


Take fairy tales, mythology, and blend it with a touch of 1800s science fiction, and fairypunk begins to take root! Relax, enjoy specialty teas, hearty nibbles and baked goods....Allow your mind to be whisked away by whimsy at this tea that also serves as a introduction to the genre, and take home a teacup as a momento of your trip to the future fae world....


Sunday, September 1st


The Mark Twain Brewing Co.

422 N. Main Street


$20.00 per person

'Ammo'  Amourena

Sensory Overload Burley-Q

Saturday, August 31st

Late-Night Burlesque with your host Dashing Sammy Tramp


Professional Burlesque showcased once again at Big River! These fine performers will enchant you with their more ambitious vignettes -- with some special surprises as well. Saturday night's Burley-Que will be just a bit more raucous than the more sophisticated edition on Sunday night.


Must be 21 years of age to attend.


Saturday, August 31st

Show begins at 11pm (doors open at 10:30)

The Star Theater

215 S. Main Street


$20.00 per person

Dashing Sammy Tramp

Sio Bast

Photo by Shannon Brown

Time-Travelling Burlesque

Sunday, Sept. 1

Late-Night Burlesque

This special Sunday night Burlesque Show features professional  performers in a bit more historical theme than Saturday's  Sensory Overload Burley-Q.The cast includes Chicago's Sally Marvel, Ammunition, Eva La Feva, and Sio Bast; and direct from their show "Crimson Follies," Sammy and Darling Violet take the stage. Other special performances are also scheduled.


Must be 21 years of age to attend.


Sunday, Sept. 1st


 (doors open at 10:30)

The Star Theater

215 S. Main Street


$18.00 per person

Eva La Feva

Photo Courtesy Greg Inda

Jeckyl & Hijinks w/the ScallyWags

(and special guests)

At the Mark Twain Brewing Co.


This may be what the doctor ordered, but beware: you may become woozy from laughter! A cross between improvisational comedy, game show, talk show, and general mayhem, Jeckyl & Hijinks is unpredictable, interactive, and a perfect respite after a long day at the neo-vintage academy. Warning: audience participation is highly encouraged....



Saturday, August 31st and Sunday, Sept. 1st


Mark Twain Brewing Company

422 N. Main St.


$12.00 per person

Photo by Chris Chii Antolin

Judas and Magnolia

The Mentalist

with Dr. Judas Lynch

& Magnolia Strange


Uncover the mysteries of the mind in this private performance as the duo demonstrate the limits of memory, thought projection, and the 'reading' of others -- all theories of the human brain that have been tested since time immemorial. Be awed, impressed, and a bit frightened at the skill in which the mind truly conquers matter. This is a Saturday only event with two separate performances: 1:00pm, and 5pm.


Saturday, August 31st

1pm and 5pm shows (doors open 1/2 hr early)

Bluff City Theater

212 Broadway


$10.00 per person

Labor Day Brunchtopia:

Outdoor Brunch in the Joy Pavilion


Gather with friends and enjoy the final day of the Festival at the Labor Day Brunchtopia. Gourmet Buffet features the following:


Black Bean Avocado Hash

Eggs Benedict Casserole

Breakfast Empanadas

Biscuits With Apple Butter

       or Bacon Onion Jam

Fresh Fruit

(Non-alcoholic beverage included, Mimosas and Bloody Mary Bar available for additional purchase).


Monday, Sept. 2nd

10:00am - noon

Under the Joy Pavilion, off Hill & N. Main

$15.00 Per Person


Historic Hannibal Home and Architectural Tour



Here's a special opportunity to visit the magnificent Victorian homes and architecturally significant buildings of Hannibal! Some of the most beautiful, and unusual, locations in Hannibal will open their doors and share their history and stories with you. Visit Mansions located on Millionaires' Row in the Central Park Historic District, Victorian-era buildings in the Main Street and Broadway historic districts, and unique homes tucked around the bluffs surrounding downtown. Homeowners and caretakers will greet you and escort you through their private spaces -- photo opportunities abound for those Steampunkers in costume!



Monday, Sept. 2nd

Noon - 3:00pm

Self-guided tours, map to homes will be provided during the

        festival from the Information Center


$10.00 Per Person


The Big River Steampunk Festival includes dozens of exciting FREE EVENTS that are open to the public throughout Labor Day weekend.  There are also several PREMIUM EVENTS that require you to purchase a ticket to attend. For those of you who wish to fully experience the Festival, you may wish to purchase an "ALL ACCESS PASS" which entitles you to VIP services, special gifts and a generous discount on Premium Event tickets (only 60 VIP passes will be made available).

About Purchasing Tickets:


Please note: Tickets are on a first come, first served basis. Many events have limited seating and may be sold out before the Festival begins, so purchase your tickets as soon as you are able. Schedule is subject to change without prior notice, however, all attempts will be made to provide events as advertised. If an event is canceled by the Hannibal History Museum Foundation, full refunds will be issued for that event.


Confirmation of your purchase will be made via eMail -- if your Square eMail  information is not up-to-date, be sure to eMail us at so that we have your current information on file. You may pick up your tickets at the Hannibal History Museum at 200 North Main Street either ahead of the event or on the day-of.


If you require a refund of your ticket(s), requests must be received by Noon on August 9th, 2019. No refunds will be given after that date and time unless an event is canceled by the Hannibal History Museum Foundation.  If you have any questions, feel free to contact the Hannibal History Museum at (573) 248-1819 or eMail




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