The First Annual Big River Steampunk Festival was held in Hanibal, Missouri over the Labor Day weekend, August 30-31, 2014. Despite temperatures in the upper 90s both days, it was an amazing gathering of Steampunkers from all around the Midwest!


Enjoy the sights and sounds of the 2014 Festival as we make plans for the 2nd Annual, being held Sept. 5-7, 2015!

Courtesy STARadio, Kurt Parsons

Nerf-Dueling Tom Sawyer & Becky Thatcher

Photo courtesy Brandy Jaquet Photography

"Security is tight at the Festival..." Photo courtesy Doug Coleman

Professor Jefferson Parker and his Penny Farthing

Photo courtesy Brandy Jaquet Photography

Dr. Robere DeGraf of Naples, Florida

Photo courtesy Brandy Jaquet Photography

Steampunk Hot Air Balloon Rides

Photo courtesy of Selena Barker

Costume Contest

Photo courtesy Josh Klapper

Riding a Penny Farthing

Photo courtesy Josh Klapper

Steampunk Darth

Photo courtesy Brandy Jacquet Photography

Queen Victoria & Katrina Featherbottom

Big River Vaudeville Review

Photo courtesy Clark Cruikshank

Historic Homes Tour

Photo courtesy Selena Barker

Mark Twain Riverboat Cruise

Photo courtesy Scott Peterson

Photo courtesy Scott Peterson

Fire Breathers & Jugglers

Photo courtesy Pyro Pat Productions

Kathy Camden and John Hale of Wichita, KS

Photo courtesy Kathy Camden

Emcee Little Beard during Costume Contest

Photo courtesy Brandy Jaquet Photography

...And So Much More!

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