Big River Steampunk Festival

July 16  ยท

We tried. We had been working on different layouts, formats, whatever contortions necessary to present the festival in a way that was still identifiable as the Big River Steampunk Festival this Labor Day weekend. Every solution, though, created new problems; every answer, more questions. For a myriad of health, safety, and legal issues only present in a pandemic, we have had to add ourselves to the extensive list of conventions/festivals/faires who have had to postpone or reschedule their plans. The virus wins...this round.

However, we are cramming everything into our time machine and teleporting the festival to Labor Day weekend in 2021! Since the theme was all about time travel and Victorians' view of time as a concept, it is all too fitting. In the meantime, we will begin back-and-forth 'conversations' about travel between the worlds on our 'Friends of' page by late September. Also, our loyal merchants will be highlighted (think of it as a virtual market!)

We had been planning on expanding into a couple of new corners of the retro-futurist universe this time, a path we will still persue in addition to the old favorites. New games! More machinery! We thank you for your support of the Big River Steampunk Festival, and we promise the delay will be worth the wait. Just keep yourselves healthy, so we can meet again soon.